The visiting Armenian delegation stresses solidarity with Syria against terrorism

Damascus, SANA – President of the Armenian-Syrian Friendship Association Tachat Vardapetyan voiced the Armenian people’s solidarity with the people of Syria who have been fighting terrorism for over four years now.

Vardapetyan was speaking during a meeting of the Association’s delegation with Speaker of the People’s Assembly Mohamamd Jihad al-Laham on Wednesday.

Terrorism, he said, is an evil threatening the entire world, and the international community should unify its efforts to fight it.

He expressed deep gratitude for Syria as it has “embraced the Armenians a hundred years ago” who were killed or displaced during the 1915 genocide committed against them by the Ottomans.

He wished that peace would prevail in Syria once again, hoping that the Syrian people come to solving their problems by themselves through national dialogue.

Speaker al-Laham highlighted during the meeting the scale of Turkey’s involvement in supporting the terrorist organizations fighting in Syria along with other countries.

He stressed that developing Syria’s relations with Armenia is a top priority, which he said would better serve the interests of the people of the two countries and strengthen their position and stability politically and economically.


Mufti Hassoun to Armenian delegation: Syrians and Armenians share long history of cooperation

For his part, Syria’s Grand Mufti Dr. Ahmad Badr-Eddin Hassoun said the Syrian people are suffering due to the practices of the Turkish government just like the Armenians suffered from the atrocities of the Ottomans.

During his meeting with the Armenian delegation, the Mufti stressed that the Syrian and Armenian peoples share a long history of deep relations and fruitful cooperation.

Hailing Armenia’s support for Syria, Hassoun said that Armenia has been at the forefront of the countries which supported Syria against terrorism and extremism.

President of the Association Tachat Vardapetyan voiced solidarity with Syria against terrorism, hoping that peace will prevail again in Syria.

The delegation, which includes senior members of the Armenian Parliament in addition to Association members, began yesterday a three-day visit to Syria.

Upon the delegation’s arrival at Jdaidet Yabous border crossing point with Lebanon, Vardapetyan expressed stern condemnation of the terrorism targeting Syria, hoping that Syria will overcome this terrorism in the near future.

Later yesterday, the delegation met with members of the National Reconciliation, Arab and Foreign Affairs, and Public Liberties and Human Rights Committees at the People’s Assembly.

Haifa Said/Manal

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