Broken Glass exhibition by artist Lucy Moussan

Lattakia, SANA- More than 14 different tableaus made of broken glass were presented at the second edition of the broken glass exhibition in which the young artist Lucy Moussan has employed glass as a technical turning point, resulting in a unique project with a distinct nationalist and patriotic theme in term of topics.

Moussan described her work by saying that “every tableau is a story in itself,” adding that she sought through the exhibition to celebrate the resistant Syrians who are capable of overcoming their wounds and showing their true civilized image.

Broken Glass 2

She added that the Syrian Arab Army takes a prominent position in her tableaus, and that she tried to portray the fighting soldier in her works, as well as the army’s emblem or phrases commonly chanted by Syrians to express support for the Syrian soldiers.

Moussan said that she employed Arabic calligraphy for the first time in the tableaus, and that she wanted to use the geographic map of Syria to represent the Syrians’ unified stance on confronting plots and conspiracies targeting their country.

From a technical standpoint, the artist explained that she broke the glass pieces in ways that suit the topic of each tableau the most, and that she used black as a background color for most of her works to create a strong contrast between it and the bright, shiny glass.

It’s worth mentioning that the proceeds of the exhibition will go to wounded soldiers Syrian Arab Army who lost limbs while carrying out their duties.

Reem / Hazem Sabbagh

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