Director of Museums and Antiquities: No actual reaction by international community to rescue Palmyra

Damascus, SANA-Director General of Museums and Antiquities in Syria Ma’amoun Abdul-Kareem said on Wednesday that there is a terrorist, brutal attack by the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) to have control on Palmyra ancient city which is considered one of the most important cities on UNESCO World heritage.

“ISIS terrorist attack on Palmyra is to revenge on the Syrian society and civilization,” Abdul-Kareem told SANA, adding that Palmyra is an international Syrian city which is recorded on World heritage list.

“We hoped the international community wouldn’t fail to defend Palmyra, but we didn’t touch any actual reaction by it,” Abdul-Kareem said, referring to the great sacrifices offered by the army to protect the city from the terrorists.

He affirmed that hundreds of statues were rescued through a series of procedures taken by Culture Ministry which moved them into safe areas, expressing concern over the destiny of monuments and temples in Palmyra from the danger of ISIS terrorists.


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