Consolation assembly held to pay tribute to late journalist Abdullah Mikdad

Damascus, SANA – Journalists’ Union and family of Mikdad held a consolation gathering in tribute of late journalist Abdullah Mikdad, who had been abducted by armed terrorist groups in Adra Workers’ city last year.

A number of senior officials participated in the event , including Member of Regional Leadership of al-Baath Arab Socialist Party Khalaf al-Miftah, Syria’s Grand Mufti Ahmad Badr eddin Hassoun, and other media, political and academic figures.

“Targeting Syrian scientists and journalists aim at striking culture, education and openness Syria is distinguished by, Mufti Hassoun said.

For his part, chairman of Journalists Union Elias Murad said the Union is sorry for losing late Mikdad who was abducted by terrorists in Adra, adding “the terrorists have tried to force Mikdad to talk in front of the channels of bloodshed, but he preferred to die instead of betraying his homeland.”


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