Syria’s workers promise to perform national mission while celebrating their Day

Damascus, SANA – Undaunted by the immense challenges spawned by the ongoing terrorism crisis, Syria’s workers stress they are now resolved more than any time before to continue performing their national task, notwithstanding its enormity.

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The major pressing aspects of this task is “to mobilize efforts, continue work and resume and increase production,” according to Chairman of the General Federation of Trade Unions (GFTU) Jamal al-Qaderi.

“We need to bring to life all production facilities that have been stricken by terrorism,” said al-Qaderi in a call on the Syrian workforce, delivered during the opening of a festival celebrating the International Workers’ Day on Saturday.

Syria’s workers, he added, are called on to put every possible efforts to help in overcoming the horrendous humanitarian, economic and social challenges posed by the unfair economic blockade imposed on the country and the severe toll which the crisis-now in its fifth year-has taken on all aspects of life.

Al-Qaderi promised that reducing the daily suffering of the workers and the huge social and financial burdens they have to bear is the top priority of the unionist leadership and the parties concerned.

Enhancing and supporting the public sector and the trade unions, he said, is a must in order for the Syrian people to be able to build a strong and reliable national economy.

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The government has given great attention to the workforce before and throughout the current crisis, a matter that was affirmed by Minister of Industry Kamal Tu’meh, who also spoke at the festival’s opening.

This government attention, he explained, is represented in the array of legislations, laws and decisions that have been issued to the effect of fixing the problems of the workforce and trade unions and improving the workers’ living conditions.

Tu’meh highlighted the key role which the GFTU plays in terms of supporting the state’s circles and institutions in the efforts of rehabilitating the crisis-affected public sector, particularly its industrial part, and those related to combating administrative corruption especially that the GFTU “is a partner in the decision-making process.”

Assistant Regional Secretary of al-Baath Arab Socialist Party Hilal al-Hilal, in a speech during the event, said workers are vital part of the Syrian people and are tasked with increasing production, cementing the economic bases and strengthening the defensive capabilities of the country in the face of the current circumstances.

He stressed that the huge challenges facing Syria beget more adherence to national unity and resoluteness to overcome all problems that hinder the development of the country.

In a statement released later on the day, the General Federation of Trade Unions said the workers’ day marks the loyalty of workers to their country and their insistence on contributing to developing the country and achieving its higher interests.

The statement stressed that Syria is paying the tax of its independent stances in rejection of some countries’ policies, which threaten their own unity and sovereignty.

The statement highlighted that Syria has managed to confront the plot thanks to the will of its people and wisdom of its leadership, stressing the need to joining forces to deal with the effects of the aggression and recover from its human, economic and social repercussions.

Concluding the festival, the workers conveyed a loyalty and support to President Bashar al-Assad, stressing that they are united under their leadership and they are resolved to counter terrorism and aggression.

For his part, Prime Minister al-Halqi said that Syria’s workers have proved that they are real defenders of the country along with the Syrian army, adding that the people’s support to their army will bring victory and rebuild the country.

In statements to reporters following the event, al-Halqi said workers take part in outlining the economic and developmental policies with the aim of improving the living standards, and the state’s capabilities, and countering corruption and red tapes.

Haifa Said/Manal Ismael/Mohammad Nassr

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