Forum held in Damascus University in solidarity with Venezuela against US plots

Damascus, SANA – In the framework of a global campaign against US Barack Obama’s latest decision against Venezuela, a solidarity forum was held Thursday at the auditorium of Damascus University with the participation of political and religious figures, heads of parties and university professors.

The US has been hostile towards Venezuela and made repeated attempts to undermine it, including a recent coup plot against Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro.

This hostility against Caracas has recently amounted to the U.S. President Barack Obama issuing a decision in which he declared Venezuela as a “threat” to the national security of the US.

Forum-Venezuela 2

“What is happening in Syria and Venezuela is renewed old attempts by the U.S. imperialism to dominate countries which support the freedom of people and states with independent decision that reject dictates,” Rector of Damascus University, Mohammad Hassan al-Kurdi said.

He noted that Damascus University had granted the former Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez an honorary doctorate in appreciation of his revolutionary struggle and firm position towards Syria.

The Venezuelan Ambassador in Damascus Imad Saab, for his part, asserted that the United States has issued since 2013 more than 200 statements and 200 decisions against Venezuela.

Saab said that what is taking place in Venezuela is similar to what is happening in Syria, where the US orchestrates events based on false excuses and fabricated facts in order to encourage and justify military intervention in Syria in service of the US and Israel’s interests.

The French journalist and political activist, Thierry Meyssan, affirmed that the United States and Israel are involved directly in the war waged against Syria and indirectly in events in Venezuela.

Meyssan explained that the US administration and Israel have been working together to destabilize Venezuela through stirring up a coup or uprisings against the government.


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