Army assumes control of al-Zabadani western mountains, kills more terrorists in other areas

Provinces, SANA – Units of the army and armed forces on Tuesday continued military operations against the armed terrorist organizations across the country, killing and wounding many of their members and destroying their dens, gathering, weapons and vehicles.

Damascus Countryside

The army established full control over the western mountains of al-Zabadani in Damascus Countryside after eliminating the terrorists’ last gatherings in Sheir al-Nusour and Dahret al-Zaitoun areas.

A military source told SANA that the army inflicted heavy losses upon terrorists, destroying their weaponry and munitions.

Meanwhile, websites of terrorist organizations have acknowledged that scores of terrorists were killed while trying to flee into Lebanese lands.

SANA reporter said the army killed 26 terrorists in Jobar and the eastern al-Ghouta, adding that the army also clashed with terrorists in Bala and Zibdin and killed and injured scores of them.


Dens of terrorists of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) in al-Meilbiyeh, al-Siddiq and Tawq al-Melh in the countryside of the northeastern Hasaka province.


A unit of the army destroyed vehicles and dens of takfiri terrorist organizations in Jana al-Albawi area, 14 km to the north of Salamiyeh city in Hama province, a military source told SANA.

The source added that the army carried out intensive operations against dens and gatherings of terrorists to the east of Morek town, which came under the army’s control in October.

These operations come in the framework of efforts to cut off the supply routes of terrorist organizations crossing al-Badia (desert) to Khan Shaikhoun and al-Tamanaa in the countryside of Idleb province.

Meanwhile, units of army launched strikes against gatherings of terrorists from Jabhat al-Nusra and the so-called “Ahrar al-Sham” movement in al-Nqeir village between Hama and Idleb.

Many of the terrorists were killed and others were injured, while their arms and ammunition were destroyed, the source confirmed.


Units of the army killed a number of terrorists from the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) in Rahoum village, the area surrounding al-Shaer wells, in eastern Jazal village and to the north of Abu Qulla dam in the eastern countryside of Homs province.

An Army unit eliminated a number of ISIS terrorists to the north of Abu Qilla Dam in Palmyra countryside.

Units of army also destroyed terrorist organizations’ hideouts in Salam Garbi, al-mazbal, al-Mshirfa al-Shamalia in  Jub al-Jarah area to the eastern countryside of Homs.

In the northern countryside of Homs, many terrorists were killed and others were injured during an army intensive operation against one of their dens in al-Rastan al-Tahtani.


Army units carried out concentrated operations, killing dozens of terrorist organizations’ members in the northern province of Idleb.

A military source told SANA that army operations focused basically on the supply lines of terrorists from the Turkish territories in the northern countryside of the Province.

Many Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists were killed and others got injured in Bennish town, 7 km to the northeast of Idleb city, the military source said, adding that terrorists’ vehicles were also destroyed in the villages of Kafar Jales, 5 km to the north of the city.

Additionally, other army units carried out special operations against terrorists’ hideouts in the southern and southeastern countryside of the Province where scores of terrorists were killed and their vehicles and weapons destroyed in the towns of Saraqeb and Sarmin and the village of Falion.

In Idleb city, army units carried out an operation, killing many Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists and injuring others.
Terrorists acknowledged on their social networking websites the deaths of many terrorists including the Saudis Bader al-Lahian and Mohammad Morshedi.


A military source said the Army killed terrorists in al-Kastello, Kifr Hamra and Khan Toman in Aleppo and destroyed a number of their vehicles.


Units of the army targeted with special operations terrorist organizations’ gatherings in the bridge of Jisr Um al-Mayathin town and in the south part of Nasib town, killing many terrorists and destroying a number of their vehicles.

The army also destroyed rocket launcher pads to the north of Nasib border crossing and the south of al-Teiba village.

In al-Jiza town, an army unit destroyed a terrorist gathering along with weapons and ammo inside it, in addition to killing a number of terrorists in al-Jiza Square.

Meanwhile, the army targeted hideouts of terrorist organizations in the area surrounding Meteorology Building and Tarik al-Sad neighborhood, inflecting heavy losses upon them.
A number of terrorists were also killed and others were injured during an army intensive operation against their dens in al-Kark al-Sharqi town in al-Lujat area.

Around thirteen terrorists were confirmed dead during an army operation in Taffas town in the northern countryside of Daraa.

Khalil Ali Abu Horan, Mohamed Ahmad al-Mikdad, Zahran Farhan Zrikat, Khalil Ibrahim al-Dnifat, Eyad Mohamed al-Fandi, Kassim Wael al-Shiti, Hasan Mhyar al-Sayasna were identified dead of their wounds after they were transported to Jordanian hospitals for treatment.

Army units aslo eliminated a number of terrorists in Ayb village and foiled terrorists’ attempt to attack a military post in al-Hrak in Daraa countryside


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