Syria, Iran sign agreement on education cooperation

Damascus, SANA – Ministry of Higher Education and the Iranian Ministry of Science, Research and Technology signed an executive agreement on cooperation in the fields of education, scientific research and academic exchange.
The agreement was signed by Minister of Higher education Dr. Mohammad Amer al- Mardini and the Iranian Science, Research and Technology Minister Mohammad Farhadi.
Dr. al-Mardini said the agreement provides further boost for the bilateral cooperation and will contribute to providing the needs of Syria resulting from the unjust war waged against it.
The agreement stipulates for encouraging direct cooperation among the Syrian and Iranian universities, educational institutions, carrying out joint scientific research in all fields, exchanging scholars and professors in the field of applied science and exchanging data among the two countries’ research institutions.
Iran will provide Syria with 200 scholarships, 40 for PHD, 60 MA, 100 BA while Syria will provide 40 scholarships, 15 PHD, 15 MA, 5 BA, 5 for technical insitutions.
The agreement also includes cooperation in the field of reconstructing the educational colleges and centers which were affected by the current crisis and providing all of their needs of laboratories, equipment, books and databases.
Mohammad Nassr/ Barry

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