Syria calls on the remaining international community to stop Zionist crimes against the Palestinians

Damascus, SANA-Syria called on the remaining international community to work and to stop the crime of human genocide committed by the Zionist entity against the Palestinian people, and to stop its crimes against international law and the United Nations Charter.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates said in a statement “The Zionist occupation authorities have followed up on the crimes of human genocide they are committing in the Gaza Strip in particular and in the rest of the Palestinian territories, and the toll of massacres committed by the fascist occupation forces reached 47 martyrs and 121 wounded yesterday alone, and with this the number of Palestinian casualties has risen since the beginning of the Israeli aggression and its crimes against the Palestinian people to 37,598 martyrs and 86,032 wounded, with thousands of martyrs still under the rubble and on the roads where ambulance and civil defense crews cannot reach them.

The Ministry added: “Since the end of World War II until today, humanity has not heard of crimes more horrific than the crimes of the Israeli entity in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, and we note the condemnation of the vast majority of the international community for these crimes.” the heinous acts committed by “Israel”, but we have not seen any impact of these positions on the leaders of the racist Zionist entity, who have made human annihilation their slogan and a goal they seek to maintain their occupation of the Palestinian territories and other occupied Arab territories.”

The Ministry affirmed that the continuous talk of the Zionists and their allies from the Western camp about expanding this war in various directions comes as a true reflection of what Syria and other countries in the world have warned about since 1948 until now.

The Foreign Ministry said in its statement: “With every passing day we witness rivers of Palestinian blood flowing on the Holy Palestinian Land, and we see that the international inability to impose the law and respect for Palestinian rights on the fascist Israeli government only encourages the leaders of the Zionist entity to continue this war of extermination, and this may mean It directly implicates those who supply “Israel” with weapons, and that those who finance its war on Palestine and defend its practices in international organizations are partners in this crime.”

The Ministry renewed Syria’s demand for the rest of the international community to work to stop this human genocide and confront the crimes of the Israeli occupation army and its criminal leaders and the fascist doctrine on which it was raised, and to declare this army a criminal army and hold its government and leadership accountable under international law for the crimes they committed against the Palestinians and humanity.


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