Latest updates of Operation “al-Aqsa Flood”

Occupied Jerusalem, SANA- Following are the latest developments of Operation “al-Aqsa Flood” launched by the Palestinian resistance on October 7:

-Palestinian Health Ministry: number of victims of the continuous Israeli aggression on Gaza since the 7th of last October has risen to 37,296 martyrs and 85,197 injured

-Palestinian health ministry: Israeli occupation committed 3 massacres over the past 24 hours in Gaza,resulting in 30 martyrs and 95 wounded

-Palestinian resistance targets the Israeli enemy forces in “Kissufim” military base on outskirts of Gaza with rocket barrage, in response to its ongoing crimes against the Palestinian people.

-Palestinian media:28 martyrs as a result of bombing the Israeli occupation of various areas in the strip since early morning

-UNRWA: 625 thousand Palestinian children have deprived of education since the start of war on Gaza

-Scores of Palestinians killed and injured in the Israeli ongoing massacre against stricken Gaza

-Lebanese resistance targets headquarters of the air surveillance unit and air operations department of the Israeli enemy at Miron base with guided missiles, hitting and destroying part of the enemy’s equipment and radars


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