29 May Anniversary of the martyrdom of the Syrian Parliament’s garrison

Damascus, SANA- Interior Ministry set this date as the day of the internal security forces in honor of the 32 police and parliamentary officers who were martyred on 29 May 1945 by the French colonial forces.

On that date, Syrian police officers will refuse to obey the orders of the French commander in Syria to salute the French flag.

As a result of this national stance, the French colonial forces bombed the Syrian Parliament with artillery from their positions on Mount Qasioun, French forces then stormed the Parliament buildings, killed the police officers who survived the bombing, and mutilated their bodies in retaliation, for their national stance.

The Ministry extended its greetings of appreciation and loyalty to the 29 May martyrs of the Parliament’s garrison and to all the martyrs of the internal security forces and the Syrian Arab Army who were martyred for the sake of defending the homeland and its pride, and with a salute of love and loyalty to President Bashar al-Assad.

Fedaa al-Rahai


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