Syrian researcher designs early warning system for disasters based on ants’ work

Damascus, SANA- Dr. Hussein Aziz Saleh, professor in the Department of Seismic Structural Engineering at the Higher Institute for Seismic Research and Studies at Damascus University, designed a technology based on the mechanism of ants’ work for the early warning of disasters.

According to Dr. Saleh, this mechanism allows the possibility of applying informatics sciences to earth sciences known as “geoinformatics techniques,” such as the satellite system, remote sensing, and geographic information systems in order to collect the huge amount of data related to the disaster, so that the principle of the ant working group can be applied based on artificial intelligence to process and analyze this data and obtain the necessary information about the disaster quickly.

Saleh also added that the mechanism is an important scientific work in obtaining ideal solutions that help reduce the level of confusion in the warning, and speed up the process of delivering information to the rescue teams in a timely manner.

Early warning is used for both natural disasters such as forest fires, floods, tsunamis, environmental pollution, etc. and technological ones such as fires and oil leaks in refineries and electrical conversion stations, he clarified.

Regarding the possibility of applying the invention by the competent authorities, Dr. Saleh said: “Work is currently underway to develop this invention in designing the early warning system for disasters in Adra Industrial City and implementing it as soon as it is fully completed.

Shaza Qreima

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