Syria condemns terrorist bombings targeting Muslim prayers in Sanaa

Damascus, SANA – Syria condemns in the strongest terms the four terrorist bombings that targeted Muslim prayers at two mosques in the Yemeni capital Sanaa, an official source at the Foreign and Expatriates Ministry said Saturday.
Some 140 people were killed in the deadly attacks which took place yesterday during Friday prayers, while over 357 others were wounded.

The Foreign Ministry’s source dismissed this and other crimes committed by the terrorist groups all around the world and particularly in the Arab region, which it said are “indiscriminately and blindly” targeting everybody and without any regard or respect to the worship places.

It said this “heinous” crime demands that all the countries which care for the peace, security and stability of the world take the necessary immediate measures towards coordinating and cooperation with the affected countries in the fight against terrorism.

The source called for an immediate stop of all acts of supporting, funding, training and harboring the terrorist groups by the countries carrying out these acts.

The Security Council’s resolutions on countering terrorism and against funding the terrorists must be enforced without any double standards, the source said, calling also for stopping the politicization of the issue of combating terrorism.

The source conveyed the Syrian government’s deep condolences to the Yemeni people and the families of the terrorist bombings’ victims.

Syria, it said, “stands in one trench” along with the brotherly people of Yemen in the struggle to eradicate terrorism and fight its backers and funders.

Haifa Said

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