Mothers of Syria…icons of resistance and sacrifice at time of war

Damascus, SANA – With words full of bitterness, Mrs. Safaa Bader , mother of four martyrs says through tears “they used to bring me flowers on the Mother’s Day but now I place bouquets of flowers on four graves” this is how a war-weary country marks the Mother’s Day after four years of crisis. .

The terrorist war is depleting the motherland from her sons but Mrs. Ibrahim comments “the sacrifice is very expensive, yet the mother deserves,” in reference to Syria.

In a country where thousands of martyrs passed away, hundreds of women fell victims of arbitrary attack with mortar shells, hundreds of thousands of children lost at least a parent and with millions of people have been displaced or immigrated such an occasion seems quite hard to celebrate.

Like hundreds of women whose children have been killed in terrorist mortar attacks, Mrs. Mary Khoury from the Damascene neighborhood of Bab Touma insists that the Syrian people and army will stand side by side in the face of terrorists who deprived hundreds of women from their sons.

Ten-year old child Amjad Ibrahim, whose mother was killed by terrorists’ fire three years ago, promised his mother while trying to hold tears back, to take care of his younger brother and to be a good person like what she expected him to be.

Um Abdullah, whose sons immigrated, rejected to leave the country, preferring to stay alone in the country and called upon her sons to come back and participate in rebuilding the motherland.

Despite tragic circumstances, Syrian mothers have remained resilient and they rejected to bow as they are very proud of their sons whose sacrifices are deep in the hearts of all the Syrians and they will be remembered on all occasions.

Rasha/ R.Jazeri/Mazen

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