Arab-Russian trade union cooperation protocol to establish partnerships

Moscow, SANA- President of the General Federation of Trade Unions in Syria, Jamal Qaderi , signed a trade union cooperation protocol between the International Federation and its affiliated organizations and the General Federation of Trade Unions, which It includes the countries of the former Soviet Union and its affiliated trade union organizations.

The protocol included an agreement to establish partnerships, deepen cooperation and exchange benefits between the aforementioned organizations, defend the interests of workers affiliated with them, protect their social and economic rights, and make joint efforts to exchange information about labor and union legislation, and develop activities. Joint organizational and educational development and promotion of cultural exchange between the signatory parties, and unifying efforts to develop and enhance cooperation with international trade union organizations, trade union centers and movements.

It was agreed to hold conferences and seminars on issues of social policy, labor market development, occupational safety, wages and income, labor migration and social partnership, retraining union, tourism, cultural and sports cadres, strengthening cooperation between youth associations affiliated with the General Federation of Trade Unions and the International Federation of Arab Trade Unions.

The protocol also stipulated the necessity of strengthening cooperation and consultations on common issues and concluding additional agreements to achieve the goals of cooperation between member organizations.

The protocol, which was co-signed by the delegation of the General Federation of Trade Unions in Egypt, headed by the Vice President of the Federation, Abdel Moneim El-Gamal, is scheduled to be circulated to all the aforementioned organizations to benefit from Its terms, noting that the agreement lasts for three years.

On the sidelines of participating in the conference, Al-Qadri and his accompanying delegation held a working meeting with the new union leadership elected by the General Conference of the Federation of Independent Trade Unions in Russia, headed by Mikhail Shmakov, President of the Federation, and it was agreed to cooperate and coordinate positions in all fields during the coming period.


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