Syrian-Russian talks in Moscow to boost agricultural cooperation

Moscow – SANA- Prospects of developing cooperation in the agricultural sector, both plant and animal, and ways to enhance food security in the two countries were the focus of the Syrian-Russian discussions, held on Friday in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation.

The two sides voiced their readiness to provide all capabilities to strengthen bilateral relations in these important areas, and they exchanged lists of materials required for each party to advance the goals and objectives of the desired cooperation.

In an interview with SANA correspondent in Moscow, the head of the Chamber of Agriculture of Damascus, Muhammad Janan, stressed the need to develop and strengthen this cooperation in order to raise the level of desired interest,  recalling the exchange that existed between both countries in the field of grains.

The discussions dealt also with the issues of re-operating livestock laboratories and a complete presentation of the list of materials for supporting the agricultural sector, both its plant and animal sectors, Janan added.

In a similar interview, the Head of the Agricultural Department of the Russian Chamber of Commerce, Chekmaryov Pyotr Aleksandrovich, considered that the meeting was fruitful, and the Russian side expressed its readiness to work in all the fields presented and everything related to the agricultural sector along with raising the level of food security in the two countries.

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