Al-Ghurairi: Iraq insisted to boost trade exchange with Syria

Baghdad, SANA- The Minister of Commerce, Atheer Daoud Al-Ghurairi said that the Iraqi government is determined to increase the volume of trade exchange with Syria, and to redouble efforts to achieve this goal.

Iraqi News Agency (INA) quoted al-Ghurairi as commenting on the outcomes of the 12th session of the Iraqi-Syrian Committee, which was held over the past two days: Technical committees have been formed between Iraq and Syria specialized in three areas, and the meetings of this committee came to emphasize the creation of parallel relations based on sustainable development and common interests.

“The committee came out with memorandums related to reconstruction, housing, as well as social care, in addition to MoUs on standardization, quality control, and certificates of conformity, al-Ghurairi said, noting that technical committees in the field of health and higher education, foreign trade were formed.

Al-Ghurairi stated that plans and understandings had been put in place regarding trade exchange between Iraq and Syria, as it was in the past and at a level befitting the two countries, adding that “the Iraqi market prefers Syrian goods, as they carry significant weight in the Iraqi market.

Work is underway to overcome the obstacles to boost bilateral trade exchange, he stressed.

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