Syria participates in 9th Nishan Forum on World Civilizations, Qufu

Beijing,SANA- Syria participated in the sub-forum of 9th Nishan Forum on World Civilizations held in the Chinese city of Qufu and entitled “Museums: Bridges Connecting Human Past, Present and Future”.

During the sub-forum, the curator of the National Museum in Damascus, researcher Rima Khawam, gave a lecture entitled: “Damascus National Museum …the importance of the international museums”.

In the lecture, Khawam said that Syria embraces more than 5000 archaeological sites, of which 2865 ones that are registered and documented, adding that six of these figures are among the Inscribed UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

“Among the treasures of Syrian civilizations, there are 40 unique museums distributed across the country which show many elements of the traditional Syrian culture narrating intercultural accumulations that had lived throughout the country” the researcher added.

Regarding the importance of international exhibitions, Khawam explained, “In 2020, the General Directorate of Antiquities and Museums worked in cooperation with several cultural institutions to hold international exhibitions, including ones that took place in the National Museum of the Sultanate of Oman between the years 2020-2022, and an exhibition in Prague National Museum in 2022.

But the cooperation carried out by the Directorate and the Chinese archaeological authorities in terms of the number of pieces was the greatest,she stated.

The authenticity of Syrian antiquities participating in international exhibitions is an essential value in an era in which artificial intelligence is developing rapidly around the world, which will appear to be a rare opportunity for visitors in the coming years, she noted.

“It was agreed to hold six exhibitions in six museums in different Chinese provinces, the first of which was in the Nishan Museum, entitled “Incredible Syria” whose visitors reached one million”, she went on to say, adding that visiting it is still available at the Guangdong Museum till October 20th.

Khawam concluded her speech by emphasizing the importance of enhancing the image of museums at the international level, and their role in spreading culture with the participation of different communities.

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