Al-Attar: Funds used to finance terrorism in Syria should have been used for development

Damascus, SANA – Vice President Najah al-Attar on Wednesday said that the funds paid by certain Arab states to finance terrorism in Syria should have been used for development in the Arab world and establishing scientific and cultural projects.

During a meeting with a delegation of Jordanian figures, al-Attar said that the terrorist war imposed on Syria failed to affect its national and pan-Arab stances and its attitude towards Arab causes, primarily the Palestinian cause.

She said that there’s a fraternal relation between the Syrian people and their Jordanian brethren, wondering how Jordan permits terrorists to enter Syria through it or accepts the American decision to train terrorists on Jordanian territories, pointing out to the difficult conditions of displaced Syrians at the Syrian-Jordanian borders and the difficulties facing Syrians wishing to visit relatives in Jordan.

Al-Attar said it’s time for Jordan to take a different position and refrain from standing with Syria’s enemies in the West and the Arab world who conspire against it, voicing regret over the fact that the Arab League has become a tool in the hands of Sheikhs and Emirs who pay to influence its decisions and agendas.

For his part, head of the delegation, head of the Jordanian-Syrian Fraternity Association Sami al-Majali, said that the Jordanian people have become aware of the conspiracy against Syria, and that the delegation’s visit symbolizes the Syrian people’s support for their Syrian brethren.

Members of the delegation regretted that some Arabs are ungrateful for Syria and its role in the region, asserting that Syria will emerge victorious from its battle against terrorism.

On a relevant note, the Jordanian delegation visited injured Syrian Arab Army personnel in Martyr Yousef al-Azmeh Hospital in Damascus, presenting to them symbolic gifts, with al-Majali lauding the high morale of the injured soldiers and officers and their determination to triumph over terrorism.

Hazem Sabbagh

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