President al-Assad receives former Lebanese President Gen. Michel Aoun

Damascus, SANA- President Bashar al-Assad sees that Lebanon’s strength lies in its political and economic stability and that the Lebanese people have the potentials to make this stability through dialogue and consensus, and the most significant is by adhering to the principles of not betting on changes.

President al-Assad’s words came during his meeting with former Lebanese President General Michel Aoun on Tuesday in Damascus.

President al-Assad added “General Aoun played a role in maintaining the fraternal relation between Syria and Lebanon for the interest of the two countries,” expressing his confidence on the Lebanese capability to overcome all the problems and challenges and devote the role of their national and constitutional institutions.

“Syria and Lebanon cannot consider their challenges in isolation from each other,” President al-Assad went on to say, noting that the Arab-Arab rapprochement that took place recently and was manifested in Arab League Jeddah Summit will positively affect Syria and Lebanon.

Gen. Aoun, in turn, stressed that the Lebanese people adhere to their national unity despite all circumstances.

He also considered that Syria has overcome the difficult and serious stage thanks to the awareness of its people and their faith in their army and leadership.

The former Lebanese President underlined that Syria’s prosperity will have positive impact on Lebanon and its people.

Kinda al-Mahmoud/ Hala Zain


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