Minister Tabbaa underlines necessity of reforming Arab educational systems

Rabat, SANA- With the participation of Syria, the 13th Arab Education Ministers Conference continued its activities on Wednesday for the third day in a row.

The conference is being held in the Kingdom of Morocco, under the title “The Future of Education in the Arab World in the Era of Digital Transformation.”

In the session of the Arab Ministers of Education held Wednesday, Minister of Education, Dr. Darem Tabbaa, stated in a speech that the real investment of the Arab countries in the future is in the minds of their creative youth and their diverse skills to be able to survive and compete in the era of digital transformation.

 “The digital transformation in the education sector has benefits at the level of the Arab world, the most important of which is the empowerment of the Arabic language to be a literary and scientific language for dialogue among Arab youth,” Tabbaa said.

Minister Tabbaa expressed regret that global digital research centers are full of young Arab scientists with their creativity and fruitful contributions to the development of the future of the digital world, while our countries lack open institutions for young Arab scientists to develop new Arab investment concepts in the digital world that support the economies of their countries.

Tabbaa said “I hope that we realize the importance of our cooperation and invest our human resources in the best way so that we can enter the era of digital transformation.

Manar Salameh/ Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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