People’s Assembly: May 29th is an immortal milestone in struggle of Syrians against French colonization

Damascus, SANA-The People’s Assembly affirmed that May 29, 1945 represented an eternal epic, as the men of the Syrian parliament garrison refused to salute the flag of the French occupier, and sacrificed their life and pure blood to defend the dignity and pride of their country.

In a statement issued on the 78th anniversary of the martyrdom of the parliament garrison, the Assembly said that the French fired shells at the parliament building, destroying its facade, and their crimes extended to the bombardment of the capital, Damascus, which resulted in injuries and many martyrs.

It underlined that the Syrian people, as usual, showed bravery in heroic determination to expel the colonialists and to realize all national aspirations to obtain full independence and sovereignty over their land.

The Assembly stressed that what Syria has been exposed to and for more than 12 years of fierce war, militarily, media and politically, and an unjust economic blockade by the forces of evil and terrorism, on the top the US of America and the usurper Zionist entity, and their agents ,are all failure attempts to impose a new colonial situation in the region.


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