Many intellectuals in France reject what is being plotted against Syria, French writer says

Damascus, SANA- Many intellectuals in France reject what happened and what is being plotted against Syria, French writer and diplomat Michel Rimbaud affirmed.

Rimbaud’s remarks, during his meeting with Chairman of the Arab Writers Union (AWU), members of the Executive Office, chairmen and managers of newspapers and periodicals.

Rimbaud pointed out that he will continue to expose the conspiracies hatched against Syria and to emphasize the steadfastness of the Syrian people and army through his writing.

Rimbaud talked about his book “A storm on the Greater Middle East”, which was published by the AWU, and through which he exposed conspiracies and terrorism, which he documented accurately.

The French writer noted that there will be a new book, which is a joint work with a group of Western, Arab and Syrian writers and in which he exposes many schemes hatched against Syria, and the book will be presented to the Arab Writers Union.

Chairman of the Union of Arab Writers (AWU), Dr. Muhammad al-Hourani, highly appreciated what Rimbaud did in terms of revealing the facts and what he will reveal in the next book.

Al-Hourani expressed the union’s readiness to print the book and work to publish it and spread its contents to constitute an additional and important source knowledge for the people and intellectuals in the world.

Nisreen Othman/ Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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