Russian parliamentarian calls for US withdrawal from Syria as quickly as possible  

Moscow, SANA- Deputy Head of the United Russia Party faction in the State Duma Adalbi Shkhagoshev has called for the withdrawal of the US forces from Syria as quickly as possible.

“The withdrawal of the Americans from Syria is not linked to their support for terrorist organizations there, or the protection of their interests in the region, and if they do not leave voluntarily, they will be expelled sooner or later,” Shkhagoshev told SANA correspondent in Moscow.

He noted that the United States has practiced the worst types of hostilities to fragment Syria and has supported terrorist organizations by promoting the separatist spirit, including through attempts to establish a terrorist state in it.

Shkhagoshev stressed that Washington must understand what happened to it in Afghanistan, and that Syria is the country that is capable and most qualified to expel the Americans from its lands.

“Syria has started the reconstruction of what had been destroyed by terrorism and to solve its internal issues and it realizes that Russia stands by its side,” he noted.

Manar Salameh/ Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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