Iran: illegal sanctions on Syria impede access of aid to earthquake-affected

New York, SANA-Iran has renewed its call upon the international community to work on lifting the inhumane unilateral sanctions imposed on Syria, especially to face the current humanitarian crisis resulted from the repercussions of the earthquake struck the country last February.

Iran’s Ambassador and Assistant Representative to UN Zahra Ershadi, said in a speech during a meeting of the UN Security Council on Syria Thursday “These illegal coercive measures have made the access of Syrian people to basic needs very difficult, and they impede the ability of the Syrian government to improve conditions”.

Ershady pointed out that the humanitarian situation in Syria is deteriorating, particularly following the recent devastating earthquake.

Despite the efforts of the international organization and humanitarian agencies to provide assistance and support to those affected, the latest UN report demonstrates that the lack of financial resources continues, which necessitates urgent attention, the Iranian Ambassador said, calling on the international community and donors to continue supporting the humanitarian efforts in Syria.

She expressed her country’s solidarity with the Syrian people in these difficult days, and its commitment to provide support and assistance they need to overcome this difficult situation.

Regarding the Israeli aggression on Aleppo International Airport, Ershadi condemned the Israeli aggression as “a flagrant violation of international humanitarian laws and the UN Charter,” and constitute a serious threat to peace and stability in the region.

She stressed that the international law prohibits targeting vital civilian infrastructure.

Iranian diplomat called upon the international community to condemn these attacks and crimes and to hold the Israeli entity accountable for them and to adopt necessary measures to prevent further attacks on the sovereignty and safety of Syrian lands.

Fedaa al-Rhayiah / Hala Zain

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