Putin: Russian-Chinese ties ‘cornerstone’ of global stability

Moscow, SANA-  The relations between Russia and China are an example of harmonious cooperation and serve to ensure global stability, Russian President Vladimir Putin has affirmed.

In an article for People’s Daily newspaper, President Putin added “In fact, today, the Russia-China relations serve as the cornerstone of regional and global stability, driving the economic growth and securing the positive agenda in international affairs. They provide an example of harmonious and constructive cooperation between major powers.”

The Russian president also stated that Chinese leader Xi Jinping’s upcoming visit to Russia is a major event confirming the special nature of the Moscow-Beijing partnership.

“This landmark event reaffirms the special nature of the Russia-China partnership, which has always been built on mutual trust, respect for each other’s sovereignty and interests,” he said. “We have high expectations for the upcoming talks.”

“We have no doubt that they will give a new powerful impetus to our bilateral cooperation in its entirety. This is also a great opportunity for me to meet with my good old friend with whom we enjoy the warmest relationship,” he continued.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri


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