Yemeni parties demand lifting Western blockade imposed on Syria

Sanaa, SANA- Yemeni political parties and forces have demanded lifting the Western siege imposed on Syria and the withdrawal of all foreign forces from its territory to allow the state to restore its resources.

That came in a cable of solidarity sent to the 63rd extraordinary meeting of the General Secretariat of Arab Parties Conference which started activities on Saturday in Damascus.

The cable expressed solidarity with the Syrian people and with all the just Arab causes, on top the Palestinian cause.

It noted that convening the meeting in Damascus affirms that the various Arab political parties are united and they reject the subjugation and surrender to the global hegemonic forces and the schemes of the world Zionism.

The parties and forces renewed their condolences to Syria on the victims of the devastating earthquake that left thousands of martyrs, wounded and affected people.

They expressed their commitment to the fraternal and supportive position of Syria and its rejection and condemnation of the unfair terrorist war and the unjust siege on its resistant people.

The parties and forces affirmed their adherence to the sovereignty and independence of the Arab countries, their categorical rejection of destructive interference in their internal affairs, and their adherence to strengthening Arab-Arab relations.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri


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