President al-Assad: The war on Syria has proven that the West will not change, and everything it does contradicts its false humanitarian principles

Moscow, SANA- President Bashar Al-Assad said that “the war in Syria has proven that the West will not change and seeks to transform other countries into subordinate states that meet its needs , even at the expense of the interests of the peoples.”.

President al-Assad: Democracy for the West is to be an agent and a subordinate

In an interview with the Russia I channel, President Al-Assad said that everything the West has done is contrary to what it talks about democracy and humanitarian principles.

President Bashar Al-Assad said “Freedom is a beautiful term, but this freedom could be that of a person to kill, destroy and do everything bad, and democracy for the West is to be an agent and subservient to them,”.

His Excellency clarified that Western countries seek to transform their relations with other smaller or weaker countries into dependent states that satisfy their needs, even at the expense of the interests of these nations.

President Al-Assad: The West wants a weak and weak Russia

The Presdient said said ,on the other hand, the division and weakening of Russia was a Western goal for 300 years ago, from the days of Peter the Great, and this did not start with the problem of Ukraine or Crimea.

Simply, Russia is required to be a small and weak weak state to the West, the President said.

The President added “For a friend to be useful to you, he must be strong and not weak, so Russian logic is completely contradictory to Western logic, and this is where the difference lies in the relationship between Russia-Syria and the West-Syria,”.

President al-Assad: Russian victory in Ukraine will have positive repercussions in Syria

Presdient al-Assad considered that if there are Syrian volunteers fighting with the Russian forces in Ukraine, they would have gone there on their own without political decision or political will.

“I am sure that many Syrians want victory in this war because Russia’s victory will have a direct impact on Syria in two ways: firstly in terms of Russia being a friendly country, and if your friend is in a strong position then you will be. also, and second, in terms of its reflection in the international situation”, Al-Assad said.

President al-Assad: Certain Western Governments tried To Persuade Me To Resign 

The President added that The western countries alwyas use malicious ways in dealing with other states, this is part of their personalirty, saying “during the war, certain Western governments tried to persuade me to resign the presidency in exchange for full immunity and take what wants of money and close people.”.

“They have no problem, they are not going to impose a blockade on the money if you take it with you and leave power. They gave up on these attempts a long time ago and understood that Syria fully understands Western policy, that it no longer fools us,” the president detailed.

Presditn al-Assad: For any meeting with the Turkish side, the interests of the Syrian people must be taken into account

On Turkish President Racep Tayeb Erdogan, The Presdient said that “Erdogan is from the Muslim Brotherhood and only seeks one thing and that is to achieve power through religion. He doesn’t use religion to reform society and spread love.”.

His Excellency revealed that contacts between Syria and Turkey started at the level of security and defense ministers, and now a meeting at the level of deputy foreign ministers is under discussion.

“We can reach a meeting at the level of foreign ministers, and the most important of these meetings is to achieve the interest of Syria, end the war and stop the bloodshed,” President al-Assad said.

About Zelensky and whether he tried to have contact with Damascus, the President said: “I didn’t know him until I started hearing some clown statements from him, so I really liked this aspect. In politics, clowns are needed from time to time to change the gloomy atmosphere of politics,” .

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