Syrian youth designs interactive cardboard game for archaeological sites

Damascus, SANA- The archaeological and heritage sites in Syria have constitute a source of inspiration of Syrian young man Farouk Sayes. This inspiration comes in the shape of an interactive game that targets the children.

With a very simple and easy to use techniques, Sayes designed his game from cardboard paper, aiming at helping to develop the children’s mental abilities, and stimulate their skills to focus and think about the Syrian distinctive sites.

The game, which consists of numbered carton boards to be installed according to an attached with the assembly diagram, includes designs called by the names of several Syrian heritage sites, among them al-Hosn game which refers to “Krak des Chevaliers”.

The technique of the game is based on building the archeological site by the child himself, through using paper to cut, folding and paste, step by step, the design of the archeological site to form an integrated shape of it.

In a statement to SANA reporter, Sayes said that his game aims at motivating the child to think about the work of engineers, the architects and the builders, and help him to develop his thinking and reasoning skills about what he is touching.

Sayes, who is an alumnus of the Technical Institute of Antiquities and Museums in Damascus, said that his work in the field of ruins and dispatch to Japan by his institution in addition to a number of courses and international participation in the field of archeology motivated him to design a game for the archeological sites which could contribute to protect the Syrian antiquities and the cultural heritage and enhance the children’s feeling of belonging to those sites.

says also worked at the Krak des Chevaliers and he knows every details in it so he designed the Game of al-Hosn.
He said that he considers the game as a cultural entertainment and educational project that targets the children and the students, noting that the game has attracted the attention of foreign visitors who asked to buy it, particularly the antiquities lovers.
He added that the game is available at the National Museum and al-Hosn castle (the Krak des Chevaliers) in Homs.

The al-Hosn Castle (the Krak des Chevaliers) in Homs is considered as one of the most important castle of the medieval era and the largest Castle in the world. The Castle maintained its building up till now and is distinguished by its military engineering and the power of its defense fortifications.

Work is underway to download the game and make it available at the archeological sites in the Syrian provinces to facilitate obtaining it, according to Sayes, asserting that he works on making the game includes all archeological and heritage sites in Syria.

Sayes designed games for the archeological sites of Tetrapylon of Palmyra, the Arch of Triumph in Palmyra, Umayyad Mosque in Damascus and these designs are scheduled to be circulated soon.

Sayes game participated in Damascus International Fair in 2019 and Sharjah International Book Fair in 2022.

Alia Hishmeh / Hala Zain

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