President al-Assad meets Heads of parliaments and members of the Arab parliamentary delegations

Damascus, SANA- President Bashar al-Assad on Sunday received a delegation of Arab Inter-Parliamentary Union, which had participated in the Conference of Arab Inter-Parliamentary Union and wrapped its activities in the Iraqi capital of Baghdad on Saturday.

The delegation comprises Head of the Union, Mohammed Al-Halbousi and Heads of the House of Representatives in the United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Palestine, Libya and Egypt, in addition to heads of Oman Sultanate and Lebanon delegations and the Arab Inter-parliamentary Union Secretary-General.

President al-Assad stressed that the delegation visit to Syria today means a lot to the Syrian people as it indicates the support to the Syrians during difficult circumstances to which they are exposed as a result of the terrorist war and the repercussions of the earthquake.

The visit also affirms that there are effective Arab institutions capable of taking the initiative in various circumstances and moving in the interest of the Arab peoples, the President said, thanking the rapid response shown by the Arab countries at the popular and official levels to help the Syrian people overcome the effects of the earthquake.

President al-Assad considered that the strength of the institutions that represent peoples comes from the fact that they represent the different spectrum and forms of society, adding this diversity is an opportunity for dialogue and searching for common points of strength to be the basis for joint Arab action.

President of Arab Inter-Parliamentary Union, Muhammad al-Halbousi, considered that the delegation came to Syria on behalf of all members of the Union to stress to the Syrian people, in a practical step support and solidarity with Syria which opened its doors to all Arabs at various stages, and the importance of working at all levels for the return of Damascus to exercise its active role within its Arab surroundings.

Members of the delegation affirmed their readiness to provide all possible support for the Syrian people to overcome this ordeal, because Syria has never stopped serving the causes of the Arab peoples, considering that the Syrian people are able to overcome the effects of the earthquake, as they were able to confront the war and the blockade imposed on the country.

Fedaa al-Rhayiah / Mazen Eyon

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