National Earthquake Center: 22 weak to moderate tremors recorded on Saturday

Damascus, SANA- The National Earthquake Center has announced that 22 tremors were recorded from 8 am on Saturday until 9:30 pm.

The center stated on its Facebook page that the seismic and tectonic situation tends to be stable, as the centers of tremors greater than 4 magnitudes returned to the Turkish mainland, while weak tremors of less than 4 magnitudes and a limited number of moderate tremors will continue to be recorded from time to time.

Earlier on the day, the center announced that 61 weak tremors were recorded during the past 24 hours until eight in the morning.

In a statement to SANA reporter, the director of the center, Dr. Raed Ahmed, said that, according to these data, the seismic situation is limited, medium tremors, and a number of weak tremors, meaning that it takes on the nature of interim stability.

Ahmed added that the sea level is within the normal situation, calling not to be believe rumors, and to rely only on the information provided by the center.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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