A message from the Pope Francis to Syrians facing the earthquake

Aleppo, SANA- The Cathedral of Our Lady for Melkite Catholics in the Old City of Aleppo held a Holy Mass for the peace of souls of the quake victims presided over by Archbishop George Masri, pastor of the Melkite Catholic Diocese of Aleppo.

Prayers were performed for the peace of the souls of the victims of the earthquake and for the recovery of the injured.

The holy mass was attended by Cardinal Claudio Gugerotti, Head of the Dicastery for Eastern Churches in Vatican, and Vatican Ambassador to Syria, Cardinal Mario Zenari as well as a crowd of clergymen.

“Today, I convey to you the blessing and love of His Holiness Pope Francis in the face of this catastrophe as we are sure that the Syrian people, who had experienced enormous hardships and overcame them, will overcome the consequences of the devastating earthquake, likewise.” Cardinal Gugerotti stated to journalists.

Kinda ALMahmoud/ Shaza Qreima

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