Al-Zoubi, Mikdad blame situation in Syria on regional and int’l powers stoking terrorism

Damascus, SANA- Former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark warned of the repercussions the situation in Syria might leave on international peace and security.

“The world will be plunged into a state of chaos, mania and devastation whose repercussions are to be felt by everyone….No country will be spared, not even the US, that’s why efforts must be exerted to keep Syria safe,” he envisioned.

Clark, who is visiting Syria at the top of a delegation of US activists, blamed the situation in Syria on “countries, among them the US, coordinating to unseat the Syrian government and subvert the Syrian state,” considering that the Syrian government is doing everything in its power to abort schemes.

Information minister Omran al-Zoubi said in remarks during his meeting with Clark that Syria is working to find a political exit route from the crisis in sync with fighting foreign-backed terrorism.

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He briefed the delegation on the war against Syria, now in its fourth year, backed by regional and international powers whose aim is to fragment Syria.

The minister described the situation in Syria as a confrontation between people and terrorist organizations which exploited so-called Arab Spring to drive the country towards religious extremism.

“What is happening in Syria has been planned since the very beginning…It was intended to fragment it as a secular state with a reputation for richness, coexistence, tolerance and openness,” al-Zoubi added.

He noted that the “situation is shifting in favor of the Syrian state and government,” calling for mutual work to combat terrorism.

“It is not possible that terrorism can be legitimate in one place and unacceptable in another,” al-Zoubi added.

In a press statement at the end of talks, Clark praised Syria’s “outstanding history” where Muslims and Christians can observe their religious rituals; an example which is wanted destroyed in today’s world.”

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Answering a question on how serious the US administration is in fighting terrorism, Clark said that the US intentions in this regard are highly suspicious as “it is easy to observe that it was the US which created and spread [terrorism].”
Clark pointed to a “media conflict at work” in which people want to depict the situation from their own viewpoints and what they believe is happening. “I am extremely concerned as to the facts unfolding on the ground, not about what media is reporting.”

Deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minister Dr. Fayssal Mikdad said during his meeting with Clark that the US policies against Syria will lead to catastrophic outcomes in the Middle East.

He considered the US arming and training “moderate opposition” a flagrant violation of UN counter-terrorism resolutions, an approach, he said, which is prolonging the crisis “at the expense on innocent Syrian lives.”

“The Arab Spring was one for extremists and terrorists,” Mikdad added, noting that “Syria was the target of a ferocious Western campaign because it stood its ground against terrorism.”

Clark, for his part, vowed that he and his activist group will leave no stone unturned inside the US and abroad to show solidarity with the Syrian people and lay to bare the true objectives of the campaign against it.

Manal Ismael

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