Former U.S. Attorney General: Damascus is bustling with activity, media distorted facts on Syria

Damascus, (SANA) – Former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark said that media outlets have distorted facts on Syria, and that this was motivated by politics and political differences.

During a meeting with Chief of the Bar Association in Syria Nizar al-Skeif, Clark said that he and the members of the delegation accompanying him on his visit to Syria are all friends of Syria, noting that he had visited it many times in the past few years. He said that as a lawyer, he is a bit worried about how courts in Syria will be able to provide protection to people in light of the terrorism that has spread in some of its areas.

He said he has been in Damascus for only about 24 hours, but life in Damascus seems to be normal and the city is bustling as usual, hoping that terrorism will not persist and that peace will prevail soon.

For her part, Former member of the U.S. House of Representative Cynthia McKinney said the delegation has come to Syria to express solidarity with its people, as well as showing that the delegation members oppose the U.S. policies which have resulted in the creation of Al Qaeda which uses fake religious doctrines for ideological and political means.

She added that they have also come to say that they are not alone, and there are millions of Americans that want peace in the world and oppose hostile policies, asserting that the situation in Syria is linked to the situation in Libya and Iraq, and that the reason behind this situation is the destructive U.S. policies.

In turn, al-Skeif expressed his gratitude to all supporters of peace and to all of Syria’s true friends who expressed their positions in many international forums, adding that the visit will allow the delegation members to witness firsthand the reality of the events in Syria, especially that they are lawyers and law has a pivotal role in combating terrorism.

Mohammad Nassr / Hazem Sabbagh

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