Arnous: unifying efforts, cooperation and coordination among all authorities contributes in alleviating impacts of earthquake

Hama, SANA- Prime Minister Hussein Arnous said, during his visit to Hama province, that unifying efforts, cooperation and coordination among the governmental and the private authorities and the civil society contributes to alleviate the impacts of the earthquake and overcoming the plight.

Holding a meeting with officials in Hama governorates, Eng. Arnous reiterated the need to invest every effort in the rescue operations and serving the locals who have been affected by the earthquake, indicating that the committees working in the provinces affected by the earthquake should conduct a primary assessment based on detecting the damaged and cracked building in a way that enabled the government to deal with the outcomes of the earthquake following the current relief response.

The Prime Minister, accompanied by Health Minister Dr. Hassan Al-Ghabbash and Hama Governor Dr. Mahmoud Zanboua, visited the Deaf and Mute make-shift Shelter Center in Hama City to check on the safety of the locals whose houses have been damaged by the earthquake and inspect the services provided to them in the field of securing relief needs.
Hala Zain


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