248 schools affected by earthquake hit the country on Monday

Hama, SANA- Minister of Education, Dr. Darem Tabbaa told SANA reporter that till now, the number of affected schools by the earthquake hit the country has reached to 248 ones, of which, 71 in Aleppo province, 50 in Lattakia, 27 in Hama, 99 in Tartous and only one school in Idleb countryside.

Minister Tabbaa asked the directors of education at the end of the meeting, to draw up lists of the various works carried out in the field of restoring schools and constantly repairing them, and to identify schools ready for the return of the educational process by next Sunday morning, with the exception of some cases.

He asked them also to put forward proposals and solutions such as “virtual education, platforms, half-time” as a guarantee to secure education for all


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