Syria, Paraguay discuss ways to enhance parliamentary cooperation

Damarcus, SANA-Syria and the Paraguay have discussed ways to enhance parliamentary cooperation between the two friendly countries in a way that would achieve the mutual interests of their peoples.

That came during discussions held Wednesday between the Paraguayan-Syrian Friendship Committee at the People’s Assembly and the Honorary Consul of the Republic of Paraguay in Damascus, Mohammad Qattan.

The chairman and members of the Committee highlighted the importance of working to strengthen and develop parliamentary relations by intensifying joint meetings between representatives of the two countries in a way that would achieve mutual benefit and exchange of experiences at all levels.

The committee highly appreciated the understanding and supportive positions of Latin American countries for just Arab issues.

For his part, Qattan shed light on the great efforts exerted in supporting parliamentary relations between the two countries and following them up through the Friendship Committees and working to convey a true image about Syria to the peoples of Latin America and to refute the lies that the Western media tried to fabricate.

Manar Salameh/ Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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