Syrian researcher gains Medal of Creativity and Excellence in UAE

Damascus, SANA- The Syrian researcher, Dr. Yanal Qudsi, gained the Medal of Creativity and Excellence at the level of individuals in the “Inspired 3” competition from the UAE, representing the country, Syria, after winning over a large number of researchers from different countries.

The competition, which was held on the sidelines of the Fourth Arab Conference “Arab creativity and leadership, challenges and transformations “between January 27th and 31st, chose Qudsi as a representative of Syria after the audience voting.

Qudsi told SANA reporter that the competition was at the international and Arab levels, and it was announced through social media, and researchers were selected, each according to his specialization, and based on CVs, interviews, and scientific and academic activities.

The competition was among 48 researchers, including six Syrians, during which the voting system was adopted on Google Form and social media.

Ranking first in the competition and obtaining a certificate of participation in such conference, as well as an honor and medal for creativity and excellence were an achievement I admire of, Qudsi added.

This honor confirms that the Syrian researcher are able to prove themselves and raise the name of their country high, despite the difficult circumstances that Syria is going through, Qudsi stressed.

Dr. Qudsi was born in Damascus in 1978. He is a researcher in Department of Biotechnology at the General Commission for Scientific Agricultural Research.

Nisreen Othman / Baraa Ali

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