“Space of Convergence with Arab Art” Exhibition in Tokyo introduces Syrian heritage

Tokyo, SANA-Tokyo’s Exhibition of “Space of Convergence with Arab Art” has opened with the sound of Oud and folk Arab songs in a Syrian presence.

The exhibition has presented works by the Syrian artist Hiyam Salman and the children of (I Shape My Dream) Association as well as a number of paintings by the Japanese artist Naoko Saito.

The exhibition, organized by the Naseej Project, Yadi and the Pico team, included multi-subject tapestries by the artist Salman, woven with needles and threads and inspired by the Syrian heritage in addition to a group of colorful shawls.

A group of children, trained in the association “I Shape My Dream”, have participated with 13 colored paintings on topics related to children. On the other hand, a group of women have taken part with handicrafts that included designs for small bags in which recycling fabric was used.

 ‘Through this exhibition, I took the opportunity to introduce Syria to the Japanese community with its valuable heritage crafts of Brocade (Damasks) cloth and mosaic,’ Saito said in a statement to Sana reporter.

Saito asserted that the goal of presenting Syrian and Arab traditional songs is for mimicking the Syrian heritage and impressing visitors as their positive impression will be the link between the Syrian and Japanese communities.

Kinda Al-Mahmoud/ Mazen Eyon

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