Colombia rejects US proposal to supply Ukraine with Russian weapons, president

BUENOS AIRES, SANA- Colombian President Gustavo Petro confirmed on Tuesday that Washington had suggested that Colombia transferred Russian-made military weapons to Ukraine, but the republic rejected this proposal.

“During a conversation with US General Laura Richardson and other US officials, I was told that due to Colombia’s inability to maintain Russian-made weapons in active service, they were ready to do so and send it to Ukraine,” he said, answering to a question from TASS.

According to the president, his country’s Russian-made military equipment is in poor technical condition at the moment, because there was no opportunity to service it properly lately.

“We are not taking anyone’s side. We are on the side of peace. That is why not a single piece of Russian equipment on our territory, regardless of its technical condition, will be used in this conflict,” Petro added.

Commander of United States Southern Command Laura Richardson said earlier that Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua and six other Latin American countries had Russian military equipment in service and the United States was working to “replace that with US equipment, if those countries want to donate it to Ukraine.”

Source: TASS

Hala Zain

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