Eng. Arnous inaugurates several projects in Deir Ezzor at a cost of SYP 19 billion

Damascus, SANA-Prime Minister, Eng. Hussein Arnous has inaugurated a number of agricultural, service, developmental, educational and industrial projects in Deir Ezzor province, after they were rehabilitated.

That came during a visit to the province on Sunday at the head of a governmental delegation that compromises the ministers of Telecommunications and Technology, of Higher Education and Scientific Research, of Water Resources and of Agriculture and Agrarian Reform.

In a statement to reporters, Eng. Arnous affirmed that the tour comes under the direction of President Bashar al-Assad, as the total value of the projects amounted to more than 19 billion Syrian pounds.

The Premier inaugurated the irrigation project of the seventh sector in Bokmal countryside after rehabilitating its facilities at a cost of more than one billion pounds Syrians and 2.5 million euros.

The project guarantees irrigation water for 7,500 hectares of agricultural land in the west of Bokmal municipality, and contributes to expanding the area of land cultivated with wheat, and supporting the national economy by increasing agricultural production.

Arnous also inaugurated the main water pumping plant in the municipality of Mayadeen, with a cost of SYP 7 billion. This project currently ensures drinking water for 135,000 people, with the possibility of increasing its capacity to supply 400,000 people with drinking water.

Likewise, Arnous inaugurated Buqrus and al-Bulayel telecommunication centers in eastern Deir Ezzor, after rehabilitating them, and they will be equipped with Internet portals soon.

He also opened the first student residence unit at Al-Furat University and the expansion project of the Faculty of Biology.

The building has an area of 5,200 square meters and includes 146 rooms to accommodate 590 students.

Also, Premier Arnous inaugurated the project for the rehabilitation of the industrial zone east of Deir Ezzor, where 100 premises are undergoing rehabilitation.

Manar Salame/ Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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