Shaaban: Ancient civilizations, including the Arab one, gave women their rights before the so-called “Women’s Liberation Movements in the West”

Tehran, SANA-The activities of the First International Conference of Influential women kicked off in Tehran, with the participation of delegations from Syria and dozens of other countries.

Special Adviser at the Republic’s Presidency, Buthaina Shaaban, representing Mrs. Asma al-Assad, conveyed the greetings of Mrs. Asma al-Assad to Ms. Jamila Sadat Alamulhoda, the wife of the Iranian President.

Shaaban said, in a speech, that the issue of women is a national and humanitarian necessity to correct the course that has ravaged the women, their role, and the national and professional tasks entrusted to them.

“Western media depicted the so-called women’s liberation movements, which began in the seventies of the last century in the West, as a unique and distinct precedent on the human level, while entire ancient civilizations, including Arab, Persian, Chinese, Latin, and others, witnessed a natural, important, and pivotal role for women in all aspects of life in their societies.”She said.

Dr.Shaaban indicated that women in the Arab world have been very effective in work, culture, as Arab women were the first to write a novel by Zainab Fawaz Al-Amliyya in 1888 and before the First World War, there were more than 20 magazines owned, edited and published by Arab women in different countries.

“Syria proposed the right of women to vote before there was a federal law in the US. In 1919, and less than a year after the country was liberated from the Turkish occupation, the voice of Syrian women began to rise, calling for the right to vote and to run for parliament, and at that time only some cities in the US have this right is permitted,” Dr. Shaaban added.

Dr. Shaaban pointed out that this conference comes at a time when research on this subject and determining a proper compass has a humanitarian need, especially in the face of the distortion that has befallen this subject for political, colonial and racist reasons.

Later, a session of talks was held, chaired by Mrs. Jamileh-Sadat Alamolhoda, wife of the Iranian President.

Dr. Alamolhoda affirmed , during the session ,that the aim of holding this important conference is to present the true picture of active and influential women who are able to provide ideas to address the problems that face the world today.

She said we should shed light on the family, and on the active role of women in their families as mothers and educators, and the reflection of this role on the society in which they live.

For her part, Dr. Shaaban , said that what we always strive for is justice and equal opportunities between men and women, which is something that President Bashar al-Assad and Mrs. Asma al-Assad have always affirmed.

Dr. Shaaban praised Mrs. Jamileh-Sadat Alamolhoda’s wisdom and her distinguished presentation of the role of the women , which would reflect positively on all societies and eliminate Western domination and its hollow concepts.

She explained to the participating delegations Mrs. Asma al-Assad’s interest in supporting associations and small projects to develop the role of women in Syria socially through their involvement in various aspects of life.

The conference declaration, which was signed by the participants, was discussed at the end of its work.

MHD Ibrahim

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