Russian Foreign Ministry: Attempts to influence Moscow’s relations with Middle East doomed to failure

Moscow, SANA- Russian Foreign Minister’s special representative for Middle East affairs Vladimir Safronkov stressed that attempts to distance Moscow from the Middle East and have influence on its relation with the countries of the region is doomed to failure.

Safronkov told Sputnik News Agency in a statement on Wednesday “We are convinced that any attempts to get Russia out of the Middle East region and have influence on its relations with the countries of that region and ruled it out of the process of solving the Palestinian cause or any other crises in the region are doomed to failures.”

The US restricts itself to the work of the Quartet Committee which includes the EU, Russia, the US and the UN in regard with the settlement in the Middle East, thus it tried to privatize solving the Arab-Israeli conflict completely, the Russian diplomat went on to say, noting that any unilateral attempts to solve these complicated issues, by it, are considered a mission impossible.

Hala Zain

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