“Red Freedom” Operetta…Message of loyalty to Syria which has written an epic of sacrifice

Damascus, SANA- From the heart of Damascus City, sounds of loyalty to Syria which has written an epic of sacrifice and dignity, resonated through the “Red Freedom” operetta on stage of Dar al-Assad Opera House.

The lyrics and melody of the operetta have drawn a dignified picture of the Syrian martyrs’ heroism through national songs that have been deep in the minds of Arabs.

The songs were performed by artists Moeen Shreif, Linda Bitar and Shadi Jamil, while the orchestra was led by Maestro Adnan Fathallah.

The operetta comes to commemorate the honorable martyrs of Syria whose pure blood illuminated the path to victory, preserved the national sovereignty and defeated terrorism.

The operetta is also spotlights the strong ties between the resistant nations despite all the repugnant practices to change the civilizational and historical face of the Arab region.

During the evening, the band presented a group of patriotic songs and fulfilled the creative will of the musicians by accomplishing a high-level artwork, which was widely welcomed and received by the audience with warm applause.

The ceremony was concluded with an operetta called “The Red Freedom,” written by the great Lebanese poet Nizar Francis, composed by Syrian musician Taher Mammali, and directed by the Dean of the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts, Dr. Tamer al-Arbeed.

The “Red Freedom Operetta” was presented for the first time on the stage of the Damascus Opera.

The general supervisor of the operetta at the Opera House, Ahmed Zain El-Din, told SANA that “Red Freedom” is derived from the freedom that we live and breathe at a time when our country is facing attempts to obliterate its identity, indicating that this artwork aims to honor the martyrs.

According to Zain El-Din, music is a universal language that may carry messages within it, and that the red message of freedom is a message of peace and cooperation in building the human being.

Maestro Adnan Fathallah, in turn, said that it was the first time that this theatrical work was presented on stage of the Opera House.

Manar Salameh/ Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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