Lavrov says Western ability to steer global economy crumbling

MOSCOW, SANA- The US-led West will soon face a situation when their ability to ‘steer’ the global economy will disintegrate and they will have to negotiate, whether they like it or not, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said at a working meeting with the nation’s media chiefs.

“Very soon, we will see the West’s options dwindle, their opportunities to steer the world economy the way they want will be greatly reduced, and whether they want it or not, they will have to negotiate,” the Russian foreign minister forecasted.

Russia’s chief diplomat stressed that Moscow would not “run after the West.”

“They have severed almost all ties. We have those with whom to foster cooperation – in the economy, in the social and cultural sphere, in sports, after all. We will focus on those who have never let us down and with whom we have sometimes achieved very difficult compromises. But when they were achieved, no one ever deceived anyone. With the West, everything is just the opposite,” Lavrov concluded.

source: TASS

Hala Zain

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