Generosity of Syrian nature is unlimited

Damascus, SANA-Despite the difficult economic conditions resulted by the unjust terrorist war, and despite the occupation’s plundering of the country’s resources, there are still many doors for goodness that are available for the Syrian people, benefiting from the gift of nature in the country.

The fig fruit, which is considered as one of the famous and favorite fruits throughout history, was mentioned in the holy book, and it was appreciated since ancient times in its dry and fresh forms.

At a time when fresh figs cannot be tolerated for more than two weeks before they spoil, dried figs are available throughout the year, which is considered a heritage industry and a profitable source of income for many Syrian families, especially in the countryside where rural women make it, which has always been in times of crisis the key to achieves the cohesion of families and rural communities despite the difficult conditions that women and girls in rural areas suffer from, such as the difficulty of living and education specially after the unjust blockade , they have proven their ability to withstand these crises.

“Your terrorism will never prevent life in Syria,” Mrs. Mona, wife of a martyr, says that they wait every year for the fig season, which is a good economic return for them, as she works to dry the figs for days by exposing them to the sun, as well as exposing them to steam, then grinding them, and later they can decorate them with nuts, indicating that She stores part of it as supplies for her family and sells a good amount of it to provide additional financial income for the family.

Since ancient times, all know that dried figs have been used to treat many health conditions related to breathing, immunity and the digestive system, and there are many studies that have affirmed that it is an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant, reduces fat levels and protects cells, which may have an effect in combating cancer.

There are 84 kinds of fig in Syria, whose cultivation spreads along and across the Syrian geography, by virtue of the adaptation of this tree to the local environment and the simplicity of cultivation and the Syrian fig tree is distinguished by not being treated with chemical pesticides.

There is abundant production of fig in a number of Syrian provinces, the Directorate of Agriculture in Hama Governorate estimated the governorate’s production of figs during the current season at about 7844 tons, in Sweida governorate at about 1519 tons, and in Lattakia at about 2675 tons, and this is what makes it major income to the Syrian economy.

Fedaa al-Rhayiah/ Mazen Eyon

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