On 41th anniversary of annexation decision .. Golan indigenous citizens affirm their adherence to Syrian identity

Occupied Syrian Golan, SANA – Forty-one years has passed since the null and void decision by the Israeli occupation entity to annex the occupied Syrian Golan, but the indigenous people of Golan spared no effort to prove their loyalty and adherence to their land and to their Syrian Arab identity, their steadfastness to counter the occupation authority and its arbitrary practices, and their denial of its decisions and procedures until the liberation of the entire Golan and its return to the homeland.

The decision taken by the then occupation authority on this day in 1981 is inseparable from its constant aggressions against the Golan territory and its people that began since its occupation in 1967, represented by escalating settlements activities, the forced displacement of its indigenous people, the bulldozing of villages and towns, and the establishing new settlements on their ruins.

Despite the criminality of the Israeli occupation successive authorities, our people in the Golan countered its repressive practices and its nul and void decision by remaining steadfast on their land, stressing their adherence to the national communique they issued on March 25, 1981, where they stressed that the occupied Golan is an integral part of Syria.

On February 14, 1982, our people in the Golan declared a six—month comprehensive strike to express their rejection of the racist colonial decision, and the then occupation authorities retorted by launching a large-scale arrest campaign, but the determination of our people in the occupied Golan never relent in resisting the occupier.

Today, the people of the Golan reiterate their clinging to their land and their rejection of the occupation’s Judaization schemes, affirming their adherence to every grain of its soil.

The liberated prisoner Fouad al-Sha ‘ir said that the Israeli occupation’s schemes against our people in the occupied Golan had not ceased since occupying it, and affirmed that the indigenous people of the Syrian Golan have been always confronting these practices and schemes and will ever do this with all their might until thwarting and overthrow them.

Dean of the liberated Syrian prisoners, Sidqi al-Maqt, stressed that the occupier who is trying to Judaize the Syrian Golan will not achieve his schemes, and all his attempts are destined to fail, just as the previous, noting that the indigenous people of the Syrian Golan are united and steadfast in countering the Israeli occupation schemes.

Syria constantly reiterates that the occupied Golan is an integral part of its territory and that it is working to return every atom of its soil by all available means as an eternal right that is imprescriptible, as the United Nations General Assembly annually reiterates its demand that the Israeli occupation withdraw completely from the occupied Syrian Golan until Line of June 4th, 1967.

Nisreen Othman / Amer Dawaa

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