Syria and Chile discuss means of scientific and cultural cooperation

Damascus, SANA- Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research Dr. Bassam Ibrahim, and Dr. Jose Patricio Brickle the Chargé d’affaires of the Chilean Embassy in Syria, discussed Thursday the prospects for scientific, research and joint cultural cooperation and ways to develop them.

Minister Ibrahim affirmed the Ministry’s readiness to establish joint scientific research work and to translate it within an executive schedule through the major universities in both countries, especially those related to water and natural resources, hailing the high scientific level of Chilean universities.

Upgrading the level of relations between Syrian and Chilean universities and doubling efforts to reach the best results in joint projects were also among the issues Minister Ibrahim called for, along with exchanging professors, dispatching students between universities, especially at the master’s and doctoral level, in addition to establishing joint research laboratories.

Brickle gave an overview of the reality of Chilean universities, the scientific programs and specializations they apply, underlining the need to strengthen bilateral cooperation through visiting scientific centers, exchanging professors and students for the common interest.


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