We will spare no efforts to preserve sovereignty, unity and independence of Syrian soils, Lavrov says

Moscow, SANA-Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov affirmed that the US forces presence on the Syrian soils is illegal and unlawful and support terrorist organizations in the areas where they are deployed.

“We are going on with our efforts to preserve the Syrian sovereignty, unity and independence, and to prevent the execution of any separatist agendas” Lavrov said in a speech in Moscow on Wednesday.

Lavrov added that “the West is trying to destabilize the energy and food markets and to control the natural resources of other countries to enhance its hegemony”, “but the world is changing and heading towards multipolarity” he stressed.

He went saying that “NATO has failed to achieve its goals. NATO’s policy is dedicated not only against Russia but against many other countries”, noting that “the principle of indivisibility of security stipulates that the security of other countries should not be compromised”.

Bushra Dabin/Amer Dawa

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