President al-Assad affirms importance of turning Youth initiatives into applied programs

Damascus, SANA-President Bashar al-Assad on Monday met 100 Syrian University students who have participated in dialogue Youth sessions, launched by the National Union for Syrian Students over the last week, under the title “thought camps for Syria… come to meet about our thoughts.”

President al-Assad, meeting the students at the conclusion of their sessions, considered that the youth initiatives are important to turn them later into plans and applied programs, saying “We are in need for tens of non-stop dialogue camps, as dialogue is the basis of success in any task.”

The students briefed President al-Assad on the outcomes of their dialogue camps, their opinions and proposals and the impact of dialogue in boosting citizenship in addition to the role of the youth in development, opportunities of getting untraditional income, the issue of identity, belonging, activating the role of culture and media as a means of change, building the individual, society and the youth vision to develop the higher education system.

 Mazen Eyon


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